October 29, 2013

Super Motherload will cost just $14.99 (USD)! We are also excited to announce that we will be participating in the Cross-Buy program which entitles you to the PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4 version with just a single purchase. Super Motherload will be available for PS4™ on the PlayStation®Store in the US on November 15th and in Europe on November 29th.

There are a few special features we’d like to detail about the PS4™ version of Super Motherload. The new touch pad on the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller gives the player the most efficient way of using bombs on obstacles and puzzles on Mars. Instead of selecting a bomb by cycling through your items with the L1 and R1 buttons, you can get direct access to a specific shaped bomb for the job by swiping: up, down, left or right for the most basic bomb types, or by clicking the touch pad button to use an Electron Bomb. This small addition to the game really streamlined gameplay. Once you’ve memorized the direction to swipe for the bomb types, it becomes second nature to use. When we were testing out the feature in the office, it was funny to watch coworkers who hadn’t yet broken their L1 and R1 button habits face off against those that had already mastered the use of the touch pad. While the button cyclers were doing their thing, the touch pad elite had already busted through the obstacle for the prize.   

Another simple but effective feature is the light bar. It’s a pretty modest addition to the controller, but it is really useful when playing co-op with your friends. The color of the light bar changes to match the color of the character’s pod that you’ve selected, making it easy to spot your controller when you’ve come back to a paused game and which characters your friends are playing.

There’s just a few weeks until release! We can’t wait for you to try out Super Motherload on the PlayStation®4

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